I’m not a lunch!

I could have missed the drama that unveiled in front of my eyes two years ago if not for Pine Siskins and Red Crossbills.

Yep, two years ago siskins were frequent visitors to our backyard, and crossbills would show up from time to time, always a joy. When was it last time I saw them on our feeders?..

Anyways, it was a normal February day.  Very dark, rainy and COLD. One of those days when you really don’t want to photograph, but rather just seat home and watch busy outside life through the glass doors to your deck.

There were year round residents – chickadees, nuthatches, juncos, sparrows, and then large flock of siskins and crossbills came.

Not everyday one sees crossbills just 12 feet away. Gotta at least to try and take a dissent photo, I thought, then sighed, and reached for my camera.

Carefully I opened the door, moved the chair close and stack my camera out…

I didn’t shoot once. Tens of wings made a frou-frou sound and all the birds disappeared! A second ago the air was filled with voices and now it went eerily quiet.

Not a soul,,. But wait! From the corner of my eye I notice a red spot on the black feeder pole, under the squirrel baffle:


Downy Woodpecker, Picoides pubescens!

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I’m not a lunch!

Furry Creature #8 (Cheeks!)

Two weeks ago I added new species to my backyard mammal list. Yay!

The list is far from long so every newcomer is welcome. Surely, we have more of them around but what I don’t see I don’t count. Like moles. I surely see the signs of their work on our lawn but have never seen one in person.

I must say, I was taken by a surprise when she visited our deck for a first time. At first when I saw in the corner of my eye something small and brown moving quickly to a cover. I thought Douglas Squirrel came. But wait a minute… smaller and striped!
I had never seen chipmunks in our city before, even in woodier part of it.

And here she is, on my own deck!


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Furry Creature #8 (Cheeks!)